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Company introduction

PilotD (Shanghai) Research Center

2010 PilotD (Shanghai) Research Center was formerly the ADAS and Automated Vehicles Development Department of a well-known automotive technology company in Germany.

PilotD Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Since Feb. 2017, we are separated from the parent company and start the PilotD Automotive (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
At present, the main business activities focus on providing a variety of intelligent vehicle system development, verification and release oriented software solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Corporate Culture

Human oriented

We set a high priority on staff training, and provide staff with good learning conditions. We offer staff a platform for extending talent and are always dedicated to building an excellent team.

Strive to forge ahead

We always learn the advanced experience from our peers and are always aimed at actively enterprising, forging ahead and efficient implementation.

Keen innovation

We focus on the attraction, cultivation, encouragement and application of innovative talents, and exert their innovative potential and serve the innovation of enterprises and society.

Rich Experience

We have accumulated a wealth of professional experience in our extensive project cooperation with our customers.

The scope of our service

Our team consists of outstanding electronic & mechanical engineers and experienced technical experts. We are dedicated to providing the most competitive solutions and services for automotive manufacturers in the development of new products, technology and procedure; continuously enhancing customer experience and creating maximum value for customers.