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In the development of automated driving systems with high automation level, due to the large number of influencing factors, it is difficult to determine all functional modules and their performance requirements at one time through the structural function analysis. Based on the X-in-loop test, we can find out the problems in a new automated driving system for car manufacturers and system suppliers through exhaustive and iterative R&D methods, and provide them with solutions to help them reach higher Driving automation level efficiently. Specifically related to the following areas:
1) Multi-source sensor data acquisition and fusion
2) Electronic actuator control
3) New system architecture design
The development runs mainly in two directions:
1) Development and validation of Level 3 system or above for new application scenarios;
For example: highway congestion automatic driver (consists of full-range adaptive cruise (Full-range ACC) and lane keeping system (Lane Keeping Assistant)) etc.
2) Expansion of the application scenarios of the existing automated driving system.
For example: parking space identification and automatic parking for non-standard parking lots.。
The scope of development services covers the following areas:
1) Main control strategy
2) Actuator control
3) Sensor data analysis and fusion algorithm
In addition to algorithms and system development services, we also provide test validation of automated driving-related algorithms and systems, as well as validation results reporting services. We provide customers with one-stop services from algorithm development, to algorithm optimization and finally to algorithm validation testing.