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XiL Test Technology According to the system development process, V model, recommended in ISO-26262, in addition to the SiL (Software in the Loop) used for initial principle test and software system validation, the validation test of integrated hardware system is also an indispensable Part of system development and validation. Based on the simulation environment, combined with the calculation results of a part of hardware system, it has three advantages:
1) Software and hardware compatibility and functional integrity can be validated;
2) Validate the functional safety of the subsystem module at a lower cost in the absence of a prototype in the early stage of development;
3) The comprehensive validation test of a local subsystem in purpose of system identification and error tracking.
Application in Automated Driving In the validation of automated driving system, in addition to the pure simulation test SiL, PilotD also provides HiL (Hardware in the Loop) system testing and ViL (Vehicle in the Loop) testing solutions and services for more integrated systems.Our solutions are as follows:
1) Based on the RT (Real-Time) version of our software GaiA, we provide simulation environment and signals of various environment perception sensors;
2) We use PDBOX as a signal converter, generator and collector to enable GaiA to exchange information with the object under test (e.g. a controller ECU, or a vehicle under test);
3) We provide high-fidelity information based on high-precision simulation for various interfaces of various types of hardware, and convert the information into a form that can interact with the interface. (For example: in ViL, for the radar’s Object List, or for Lidar's Point Cloud, etc.) In these HiL and ViL solutions, the GaiA simulation platform and the PDBOX data logger/transmitter can be connected in two ways:
1)by using a wired data cable,,
2)by using the data cloud for data interaction.

Based on the above described solution, the PilotD solution has the following advantages:
1) Strong real-time ability
The dual synchronization mechanism among the GaiA platform, the PDBOX software and hardware ensures high real-time signal transmission between the platform and the vehicle or controller.
2) Strong portability
The data cloud-based communication method separates the simulation platform from the vehicle or the controller, which is convenient for the users to remotely control and flexibly build the test environment according to their own test conditions.
3) High adaptability
PDBOX provides communication possibilities for various vehicle bus protocols including CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN, Ethenet, RS232, etc. GaiA software can provide hundreds of vehicle data and environment perception sensor data (millimeter wave radar, laser radar, camera, etc.), even including raw data in each cascade of data processing. As a result, the system can adapt to the various requirements of customers. In addition, PilotD also provides a variety of software and hardware adaptation and calibration services, which can complete the requirements of customers for building a perfect HIL/ViL test platform.
4) High cost-performance ratio
In the architecture of our solution, the simulator and signal generator are separated, which helps customers to save the cost of high-performance in-vehicle simulation equipment and minimize the cost and maximize the performance of the solution itself.